15 DIY’s For The Perfect Last Minute and Inexpensive Christmas Gift.

O-M-GOODNESS! Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Where did the time go? Well if you’re like me, then there is some last minute shopping that must be done within the next few days.

I love giving awesome handmade gifts to my family and friends; However, with such a short time frame to make the perfect gift, I need to find gift ideas that are quick, simple, and inexpensive.

After doing some research, I found 15 gift inspirations that I know everyone will absolutely love…Plus I’ll have money left over after the holiday! Whoo-hoo!

I hope you enjoy these 15 DIY’s as much as I do. Comment below telling me which DIY’s you’re going to make!

1. A Little Something For The Ladies | via Split Coast Stampers

A Little Something For The Ladies

2. Festive Candy Sleighs | via Ellyn’s Place

Candy Sleighs

3. Caramel Apple In A Jar | via The Gunny Sack

Caramel Apple In A Jar

4. Cookie Mix In A Jar | via The Creative Junkie

Cookie Mix in a Jar

5. Cute Flower Sunglasses | via Honestly WTF

(winter alternative: try fashion glasses with or without clear lenses)

Flower Glasses

6. Fun Sharpie Mugs | via My So Called Crafty Life

Fun Sharpie Mugs

7. Gift Set For The Cook | via Family Holiday

Gift Set For The Cook

8. Stackable Gold Tube Bracelets | via Honestly WTF

Gold Tube Bracelets

9. Awesome Instagram Coasters | via Foam Magazine

Instagram Coasters10. Manicure In A Jar | via Emma-Courtney

Manicure In A Jar11. Monogrammed Ring Dish | via She’s Kinda Crafty

Monogrammed Ring Dish12. Reindeer Cocoa Cones | via Mommy’s Kitchen

Reindeer Cocoa Cones13. Starbucks Cup Filled With Goodies | via Listotic

Starbucks Cup Filled With Goodies14. Fashionable Studded Phone Case | via Julie Ann Art

Studded Phone Case15. Sweet & Yummy Gift Basket | via The 36th Avenue

The Cute and Perfect Gift Basket

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